An innocent is wrongly shamed in Kathua Rape Case

Vishal, who is only 22, and runs a canteen in a school is being passed off as one of the 8 accused in Kathua case. He is in a shock and is receiving hate messages from all over the country.

Media and the “Samaritans” did numerous blunders in reporting the Kathua murder (alleged rape and murder) case. While some could be result of media rat race, others were pre-planned and results of individual agendas. Delhi High Court has also slapped a fine of Rs 10 lakh each on every media house for revealing the victims identity.

It could be that the innocent victim’s picture and name were shared out of pure emotion and agony but an entirely opposite approach was assumed while sharing the pictures of the alleged culprits. Pictures of the accused were aggressively shared and shamed on the internet. As if they had already been convicted by various media platforms.kathua rape case wrong image

But the hate brigade went a step further and shared picture an innocent boy, with no connection to the case at all. According to the Logical Indian, two separate pictures of Vishal Sharma were circulated by the name of, not one, but two accused persons. Two different pictures of Vishal were passed off as that of Parvesh Kumar, as well as that of Vishal Jangotra.

The truth is that the boy in the picture of neither Vishal Jangotra nor Parvesh Kumar.

Vishal Sharma is a 22-year-old from Kootah village in Kathua. He runs a canteen in a school. He was terrified when his photo was circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp. This post has tarnished his image and he received a lot of hate messages too.

His father, a daily wage labourer, said,

“The crime has been committed by other persons and my son is being punished. His life has been ruined as he has been tagged as a rapist in a picture that is circulating across the country. People are looking at my son with suspicion.”

Vishal has deactivated his Facebook profile and had locked himself in his house because of the massive public shaming. He has sought to file a complaint with the local police station. They have referred him to the cyber crime cell and asked him to immediately report the photo on Facebook. That way they will be able to identify the real culprit who shared his photo in the first place.


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