5 Qualities You Will Find only In Dogras according to 100 years Old Book

Written By  Abhishek Khajuria

100 years old book tells quality of a Dogra

Dogras have always been a formidable warrior. As they fought on numerous fronts, a number of accounts of their valour have been recorded. Jammu Virasat has found a 100 years old book, Sepoy, by a British army-man who characterizes a Dogra in following points:

  1. A common quality among Dogras is that they don’t open up to strangers early. They take their own sweet time to get acquainted before cracking a joke with anybody.Dogra in Uniform Sepoy  Read also: 14 Ways To Protect Dogra Virasat

  2. Though capricious in nature, yet a Dogra equals a Gurkha in confidence. With this, he has a conservative nature, a sense of aristocracy and pride.zorawar singh
  3. Dogras are a cool crowd as they don’t lose their cool even under the most terrible fire. This fact can be readily verified every time our villages face cease fire violations.Warrior Dogra
  4. A Dogra is fussy about his appearance as he doesn’t compromise with looks. There is no denying the fact that Dogras – be men or women, always put on their very best before going out. Dress dogra

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  5. On funny note, a Dogra is also thrifty.

    He loves to save for his family. Being a staunch family man, it becomes hard for a Dogra to leave his family, even for job.love for family dogra

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