What is the history of Dogras? This Quora Answer Deserves A Read

There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.

 A Quora user asked: What is the history of Dogras?

There were 3 of people who responded, but there was one answer in particular, which stood out from the rest.

The reason? This response seems to be more of  fact.

Here it goes:

Dogras are generally the people who live in jammu and adjoining areas of punjab and himachal and speak dogri .

The word dogra comes from the word duggar which means two lakes. Thus dogras are the people which started living between or around the two lakes that are mansar and surinsar of the mahabharat period. Thus dogra is a relatively old culture and you can find mention of jammu region (the home of the dogras and dogra culture) in various hindu texts where it is called jambu dweep as it was named after the ruler jambu lochan and dweep beacuse it has chenab and tawi at its boundaries .

They then migrated to vast areas such as west pak , Punjab and himachal .and occupied whole of jammu region. I am myself a Dogra Brahmin .

The dogras then developed their own language dogri which sounds similar to punjabi , therefore any of the two can be the mother language and the other would be its dialect .

Often dogri has different versions depending on the place like even in jammu after every 30km the way of speaking and some words change .

Dogri is written in devnagri script .

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The dogra culture was then influenced by many tribes and culture like the rajputs from rajasthan , muslim culture brought by mughal rule , the sikh rule and many other factors including kashmiri and pahari culture.

Hope I have given sufficient information about dogras and if you wish to find more , you can search wikipedia and google , you will definitely find many articles .

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