Sewing with feet : She never let her disability come in her way

If God gives you lemons, make lemonade then; the phrase is commonplace but somebody from Udhampur is living it.
Madhu is a 28-year-old woman from Udhampur and is beautifully sewing her dreams.

Born with disability in her hands, she started stitching clothes from a young age using her legs.
As she gained expertise in her job, she earned a lot of praise in Udhampur, where she lives.

Her dream is to open a tailoring shop where she also wants to provide training to differently-abled persons like her so that they can become independent.
With a supportive family, she is sure to achieve her dreams. She had to; however, fight several taboos and prejudices along the way, nonetheless.

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“I just want to get better at tailoring. I know that my hands are not normal like others, but I have never let my disability come in my way. All the people are very supportive and I just want to be happy”, says Madhu.

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