Jammu: Singer BEATEN, THRASHED and HARASSED by in-laws; IGNORED by Police!

This is the story of a girl who has been


consecutively for 5 years,

singing in 3 categories

at Jammu University

She is also a winner of the prestigious Shree Harballabh Sangeet Pratiyogita and North Zone Inter-University cultural competition also

 Mukteshi and Arun Jamwal marry in court

Mukteshi and Arun filed for court marriage against their parents’ wishes on May 2, 2014. Arun advised her to stay with her parents for 6 months without disclosing about their marriage to settle things at first.

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Arun Jamwal breaks his promise

Six months passed and Arun showed his true colours. She waited for another year and  after waiting one and half year, she opened up about her marriage and went to Arun’s place.

Arun Jamwal and parents beat her

Arun, along with his parents, was not ready to accept her. He was a mute spectator and sometimes a participant in her torture and harassment. Mukteshi, like an “ideal” Indian girl, waited perpetually, waiting for their attitude to change.

Now she has an 11 month old baby and still they won’t treat her nice.

On July 10, 2017, she was mercilessly beaten again and abandoned to go to her parents house.

Police ignores her

The pathetic condition of Mukteshi was enough to melt her parents’ hearts and on July 15, her father and Mukteshi went to Police Station, Parade to lodge a complaint. The officer in charge blatantly ignored them.

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They also went to Women’s Cell. The Women Cell also refused to file any complaint against Arun’s parents.

Even Parade police station and women cell ignored her reports.

As of now, Mukteshi hasn’t found justice! Seems like our system is corrupt to the bone!

This is one aspect of the story and is as filed by media outlets like U4Uvoice and Shree News. Jammu Virasat will update the readers as events unfold and the Jamwals come with their version of the story.

There are enough justifications for discouraging a girl child, but is there any to condemn such remorseless inhuman corruption in us!

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