3 Superstitions of Dogra’s to guess if there is a guest coming over today

All of us are superstitious – to a certain level.  But, sometimes superstitions get too funny to follow; like in the case of certain Dogra superstitions. These are things a Dogra will follow till death, be it serious or ridiculously funny. Here is our Chatro Bhenji, telling you how to guess if there is a guest is coming over today:

It is a Dogra belief that if a slipper or shoe is lying on another, it indicates arrival of a guest. Chatro Bhenji advises you be careful and check all your shoes and slippers; under the bed, in shoe rack, outside the doors, everywhere!

Popular Superstitions jammu

Chatro Bhenji says, if a ball of dough falls accidently while making chapatis, it is a sure sign of arrival of a guest. Look out and be careful while cooking. For extra precaution, cook rice!

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Superstitions Jammu

People, especially Dogri ladies prefer washing their hair on Sundays for sure. It often happens that comb gets entangled in wet messed up hair and falls down suddenly if given a jerk. Here is the catch; if so happens, it indicates that a guest will be coming home today.

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Superstitions Jammu dogra

Be careful ladies, go slow and comb carefully. Rather use a hair lotion to lose those tangles and avoid dropping the comb!

If you think that you know more Dogri ticchars, than our Chatro Bhenji, please write to us or comment. We’ll make sure that Chatro Bhenji, in our next piece, shares those also.

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