Jammu & Kashmir has lowest alcohol consumption in North India

The news may be refreshing for some and shocking for others but the results of a survey show that J&K state is the least consumer of alcoholic beverages in entire north India. Other states included in the list were Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Chandigarh. People might cite many reasons: religious nature, presence of numerous holy shrines, one of the capital cities being city of temples etc, but the fact remains!Alcohol consumption Jammu kashmir

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  • The study was conducted by the National Family Health Survey. It was the fourth survey of its kind.
  • The results show that only 10.5% people indulge in drinking in the state.
  • The number of drinkers have reduced over the last decade.
  • According to the NFHS-3, 12.5% people of the state were into alcohol and related beverages.
  • The results put J&K at the bottom of the list of all north Indian states, put in decreasing order of alcohol consumption.
  • Ironically, devbhoomi Himachal tops the list with39.7% people given to drinking.

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has reported least number of people consuming liquor at 10.5% in north India while last time, there were 12.5 %.

J&K has 38.2% of men smoking or chewing tobacco, though it has substantially decreased from the last time when it was 52.7%. Haryana too has reported decrease at 35.8%, while in NFHS-3 it was 46.3%.

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