How Jammu and Kashmir has voted in General Elections after 1966

The disputes and reasons for violence in Kashmir date back to 1947, right from the formation of Pakistan after India’s independence. Under the partition plan, Kashmir was free to accede to any of the two countries.

Kashmir, which was then ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh, chose India and the region then saw a two-year war period. On January 1, 1949, a ceasefire was agreed, with 65% of the territory under Indian control and the rest of it was with Pakistan.Jammu & Kashmir Municipal Elections 2018

In 1965 another war broke out in between the two boiling nations which ended with the Tashkent agreement made in 1966. The succeeding year, the first general elections were held in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the year 1967

There are six parliamentary constituencies in J&K and the major political parties were Jammu & Kashmir National Conference (JKNC), Indian National Congress (INC), and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Up until 1996, BJP did not get a single seat in the general elections. In 1967, Congress won five seats and had a vote share of 50.5%, JKNC won a single seat and they had a vote percentage of 24.9%. The total voter turnout this year was 53.4%.

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In the year 1971

Parliamentary elections were held again and INC won with five seats and a vote share of 54.1%. Independence (IND) got a single seat from the Srinagar constituency.

In the year 1977

INC got three seats and 16.4% votes. JKNC got two seats, and a vote share was 33.9%. IND got a single seat and 41.5% votes.

In the year 1980

People gave votes to JKNC because they had completely lost interest in the National party. JKNC won three seats and had a voting percentage of 36.9%. The INC broke down in Kashmir and two parties contested against each other. The INC (I) and INC (U) both got a single seat and a vote share of 18.7% and 14.5%. IND won a single seat with a vote share of 21.3%.

In the year 1984

JKNC and Congress had tough competition as both of them got 3 seats and their vote share was 46.2% and 30.2% respectively.

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In 1989 general elections

J&K again voted for the JKNC, as they won three seats and 6.8% votes. INC won two seats and 39% voting percentage. IND won one a single seat and 9.6% votes.

In the year 1996

National parties dominated the J&K general elections as, INC got four seats and 27.5% vote share. BJP won their first seat ever in the general elections of J&K. They had a vote share of 19%. Janata Dal also won a single seat and 17.6% votes.

In the year 1998

JKNC won three seats and they had a vote’s share of 36.4%. BJP won two seats and 28.6% voting percentage. INC won a single seat and vote share of the Congress was 19.2%.

In 1999 general elections

People gave a clear mandate to JKNC; they won four seats and 28.9% votes. BJP won two seats and 31.6% voting percentage. The voter’s turnout was 32.3%.

In the year 2004

INC won two seats and 27.8% votes; JKNC also won two seats and 22% voting percentage. PDP contested the elections for the first time and got a single seat with a vote share of 11.9%. IND won one seat and the vote share was 7.4%.

In the year 2009

JKNC won three seats and 19.1% votes. INC won two seats and 24.7% votes. IND won a single seat and 6.3% vote share. In between 2004- 2010 Kashmir was a bit peaceful earlier then ever.

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In the year 2014

There was a complete turnover in the voting of general elections. BJP won three seats and 32.6% vote share. PDP also competed with them and won three seats, their share of votes being  20.7%.

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