Distinction holders selected for Chowkidar, Helper & Safaiwala Job’s in Jammu and Kashmir

For a post that requires little educational qualification and not so meritorious students, and doesn’t even seem lucrative enough – that of a Helper, Safaiwala or Chowkidar- Shortlisted Candidates are Distinction holders. In Jammu and Kashmir recently a notification published in local daily by the Directorate of State Motor Garages J&K  Government lists shortlisted candidates for various class-IV. The listed candidates shortlisted for the posts of Cleaner, Helper, Safaiwala and Chowkidar.Unemployment Jammu Kashmir

Of all the published posts, 24 are for Cleaner, 15 for Helper, 3 for Safaiwala and 2 for Chowkidar. A striking fact about the list is that more than half of the candidates seem to have been academically sound students with Distinction and First Division in 10th and 12th class exams.

Upon further analysis, it was found that 2 out of 3 Safaiwalas had obtained first division in 12th class exams with one of them also achieving distinction in 10th class. 1 of the shortlisted Chowkidars has achieved distinction and first division in class 12 and 10 respectively.

The minimum qualification for the job is the ability to read and write.

5 out of 15 candidates for Helper had scored above 80% in 10th class exam other 9 had scored distinction. 8 of the candidates had scored distinction in 12th class exams also.

12 first divisions and 8 distinctions along with with other 3 scoring above 80% in class 10 makes up the Cleaners of this list.State Motor Garages J&K lists shortlisted candidates

There was no more educational detail of selected candidate, we sincerely hope that graduates and more qualified are not selected.

This shortlisted list poses a grave concern, where we are heading towards. We believe it has nothing to do with our education system. There is a major lack of avenues, where educated youths can use their skills. In the dearth of right opportunities, people don’t hesitate to look up for jobs that are socially looked down upon.

Unemployment, insecurities of private job and migration hassles are some of the issues that are making meritorious students to take up such jobs.

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