Dhanteras : Things you should buy for a prosperous year

Dhanteras which falls two days before Diwali is one of the most auspicious days of the year — it is said that whatever you buy on this festival will reap rich benefits for you in the long run.

Dogras usually buy utensils on the day. By now, most of us would have shopped and bought some kitchenware by now. If not, here is a list of stuff you can buy apart from regular utensils.

You could buy silverware or brass utensils and keep them in the East direction of your home.

One should also buy a broomstick on Dhanteras — it is said that it signifies that you are sweeping out poverty and misery from your house.

If you have been waiting to buy electronic items such as refrigerator, ovens, mobile phones or laptops, then this is the best day to buy it. You can keep them in the North-East direction of the house.

It is said that those who have a business of their own should buy an accounts register and use it to maintain their accounts — they should keep it in the West direction of the house.

Not only this, you should also buy an item related to your profession such as a pen for a writer, a brush for an artist and so on. You should pray to that item on Dhanteras.

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It is also said that you should buy a Gold coin with Goddess Laxmi embossed on it — if you can’t afford a gold coin, then buy any picture of Goddess Laxmi and keep it in your locker.

Dhanteras is the most auspicious time of the year to buy any form of jewellery, especially Gold and silver jewellery. Make sure you do your bookings well in advance though.

So make your mind quickly and celebrate the tradition.


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