6 days Curfew in Jammu, Traders claim they lost over Rs 1,000 crore

Curfew & Internet shut down in Jammu has severely damaged the economy of the region as traders claim they lost over Rs 1,000 crore during the last six days. The administration has lifted the day curfew but Section 144 is still in place.curfew in jammu 1

A one-day call of a Jammu bandh by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCI had a severe impact on traders as violent protests in the city led to a curfew for six days in Jammu.

“Though it is difficult to assess the actual loss during the bandh and curfew, the traders have lost approximately Rs 1,000 crore in the last six days…
… We appealed to the administration to lift the curfew completely so that normalcy can be restored and traders can get back to their businesses” said Rakesh Gupta, president, CCI, Jammu.

There has been no violence in Jammu for the last three days but the administration has not lifted the curfew completely in the city yet.

Earlier in 2016, Jammu and Kashmir had suffered losses to the tune of over Rs. 16,000 crore during the five-month long unrest in the Kashmir Valley due to complete halt of economic activity coupled with loss of property worth crores of rupees.

Unlike the valley, Jammu does not witness many shutdowns. Last massive shutdown was witnessed by the region during the 2008 Amarnath Land Row.

[With inputs from online reports]

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