Kunchoth – Festival envisages a message for the union of two souls celebrated in Doda and Bhaderwah

For Hindus Like Karvachouth in other parts of the country, and Jammu region too, Kunchoth is a local festival celebrated with enthusiasm and religious fervour in Doda and Bhaderwah area of Jammu region.Kanchouth festival in Bhaderwah
As many families from these two districts have migrated to Jammu district also, they celebrate the festival here too with great fervour.

The festival envisages a message for the union of two souls and the sustainability of respect and honour for each other.

To observe age-old tradition and to take blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati while celebrating ‘Kanchouth’ festival, early morning women folk of Bhadarwah and its adjoining areas were seen going towards their respective temples .

Wives keep fast for their husbands and offer special prayer for their well being and a long and healthy life.

As symbol of festivities and celebrations, the wives observe the fast the entire day for their husbands, visit temples to perform special pooja; clad in traditional marriage dress and wearing ornaments.

They move in large groups jointly to the temples of Lord Shiva and Parvati and offer special pooja carrying.

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Moreover, the husbands perform the same pooja by adding an ethical mark of  `Charanbandana’  in lieu of which coconut is gifted to the wife.

To celebrate this occasion with full of tradition, ladies dressed in their best suits(mostly red) and ornaments gathered at their nearby water bodies where they perform Pooja and then sing Bhajan and dance one by one.Ladies also offer ‘Thel'(respect) to one and all, irrespective of creed and caste; age and sex and get in return their blessing ‘Suhagan Bho'(long live your husband).The ladies are supposed to take food in every house they visit. In some cases it so happens that they have to take their meals in scores of houses each day. In the night ladies gather, sing Ghurai (Bhajan) and dance.

Over all, the magnitude of this festival, makes the society to understand the respect honour and dignity between husband and wife and the cultural discipline among the families.

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