Jammu: Ghosts who were more popular than braid choppers

Although in full swing in Kashmir, braid chopping incidents have stopped occurring in Jammu region. Such incidents were not first of its kind in Jammu. There have been many similar stories always ready to scare the daylights out of many. Here is a list of five such incidents of mass hysteria.

Kale kaccha gang: They were said to be a ruthless and invincible gang of thieves who could not be stopped. They’ve haunted people for many summers.Kale kaccha gang

Monkey man: Beginning with the year 2001, the monkey man, unlike Delhi, allegedly made many appearances in Jammu, especially urban areas. It didn’t steal, but injure and harass lone victims.Monkey man jammu

White horse: People have repeatedly reported seeing a translucent white horse during night time around the Mubarak Mandi complex. There are reports of people hearing sound of anklets (paayal) late night.

white horse mubarak mandi

Ghost beating: In parallel to stories of braid chopping, there were rumours of people getting beaten up by an invisible entity. Moreover “something” was said to be slitting men’s genitals.ghost beating jammu

Chudail of Gho Manhasa: After the mysterious death of a person, a resident of Gho Manhasa early this year, a few more such deaths were reported to have happened due to an evil ghost of a woman.Chudail of Gho Manhasa

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