J & K Government strengthens rules to control plastic waste

The state administration on Friday ordered a complete ban on the use of ‘single-use’ plastics (disposable items) in all offices following reports its adverse impact on health and surrounding environment.government of jammu kashmir

With this, there will be no use of disposable cups, glasses, plates, bowls, bottled drinking water for small quantity and other avoidable products in government offices henceforth.

“All government offices, boards, corporations, autonomous bodies and universities units in the state shall dispense with the use of the single-use plastic water bottles in their respective offices and make alternative arrangements for safe drinking water that does not generate plastic waste,” the government order said.

It further read, “Only multi-use water bottles, dispensers and containers will be allowed in government offices, instead water bottles of alternative materials, like glass, steel, aluminum, etc., may be used. All the departments concerned and organisations will ensure compliance of the order in the letter and spirit”.

Official sources said the government has decided to dispense with the plastic water bottles in phased manner. “The government has decided to stop the use of the single-use plastic bottles from its meeting and conferences. All departments will be encouraged to bring their own cups during meetings to avoid the use of plastics,” the sources said. Pertinently, nearly 20 states have completely or partially banned the use of plastic.

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