Facts about the implementation of recommendations of the 7th pay commission in Jammu & Kashmir

J&K, otherwise the sleepy and disturbed state has got a reason to rejoice. Amid all tension and conflict has come a good news for the state government employees and pensioners. Here are some facts about the implementation of recommendations of the 7th pay commission in J&K:

  1. Jammu & Kashmir has become the first state in India to implement recommendations of the 7th pay commission.
  2. 5 lakh employees and pensioners of J&K government will be able to draw the revised scales of pay according to the recommendations from April itself.7,pay-commission things to know jammu kashmir
  3. In general, J&K government employees will see an increment of about 20% on their salaries.
  4. According to Finance Minister, Altaf Bukhari, despite financial constraints, the state government has went ahead with implementation of the pay commission recommendations. This is said to have been done to fulfill the Chief Minister’s commitment.
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  5. Astonishingly all this increase in salaries will be paid by the Central exchequer. The centre will have to pay J&K an additional Rs 30748 crore to keep the J&K employees happy.
  6. Additionally, government has decided that HRA would not be less than Rs 5,400 in X category of cities (with population of 50 lakh and above), Rs 3,600 in Y category (with population between 5 and 50 lakh) and Rs 1,800 in Z category (with population below 5 lakh).

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