6 Things You Should Know About Abhinav Theatre in Jammu

The Abhinav Theatre is one of the most eminent theatres and heritage building of Jammu. It is the pride of Dogra’s rich cultural history.  It brought a new wave of Cultural Revolution which gave a new meaning to Dogra theatre. Many historical plays were staged here under prominent directions. With the setting up of Abhinav Theatre, Dogra culture gained a great deal of contemporary flavor.

Here are 6 Things You Should Know About Abhinav Theatre:

  1. Named after noted Sanskrit scholar, Acharya Abhinav Gupta, Abhinav Theatre, Jammu.About abhinav theater

  2. It was set up in 1978.

  3. Abhinav Theatre was closed for renovation on April 1, 2012, and it was reopened after three years on December 7, 2015.Play at Abhinav Theater

  4. It’s a unit of the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.

  5. The Theatre is basically served for the visual and plastic arts, music, dance and drama and of culture generally, in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.                      Read Also: 6 Facts You Didn’t Know About  Bahu Fort

  6. The Theatre has the capacity of 805 seats.

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