7 Reasons Why CCI-J calls for Jammu Bandh on 18 September

Jammu province will be subjected to a complete shutdown on Monday, 18 September. The call has been given by President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Rakesh Gupta. The call has been given on a number of reasons, majorly against the statement of State President of the BJP, Sat Sharma.

Regarding the complaints of the JCCI to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, on his visit to Jammu, Sat Sharma had said that ‘few complaints to the Home Minister do not matter speak volumes about the intensions and integrity of their working’.

The demands because of which the bandh has been called are as follows:

-The Lakhanpur toll tax being charged by the state government on goods since more than two decades on the pretext to safeguard the industry be abolished and the industry be incentivised through alternate mechanism.

-The Chamber wants that land acquiring process for the AIIMS at Vijaypur be paced up and the illegal occupants be vacated soon.

-The Chamber demands high level enquiry into shelving of artificial lake project on River Tawi on which a some of Rs. 76 crores approximately had already being spent and funded by the Union government.

-The Chamber demands that the Master Plan be relooked and modifications be done as per ground realities and requirements as the Chamber feels that it is just a copy paste work done by the JDA and the new Master Plan has not taken into consideration the vast commercial expansion that took place over the years.

-The Chamber demands high level enquiry by the Union Power Minister to enquire into the whole gamut as even after spending thousands of crores on rebuilding and redesigning the power infrastructure in the state unscheduled power cuts have not yet been stopped and the T&D losses reduced.

-The Chamber President demands that the state should announce 23rd September as a state holiday which is the birth anniversary of Late Sh. Maharaja Hari Singh.

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-The Chamber also wants immediate deportation of Rohingyas from Jammu to outside the state as the Chamber feels that neither these illegal intruders come under the definition of Refugees nor the UNHRC cards have any validity in the state of J&K.

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