5 Historic Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Kathua

Kathua – the gateway to Jammu and Kashmir, the District is surrounded by Punjab in the South-East, Himachal Pradesh in North-East, Doda and Udhampur in North and North-West, Jammu in the West and Pakistan in the South-West with an area of 2651 Sq Kms, population of 6.15 Lacs, 5 Assembly Constituencies & 11 Tehsils; Kathua, Bani, Basohli, Billawar, Hiranagar, Nagri, Marheen, Dinga Amb, Lohai-Malhar, Mahanpur, Ramkote.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Kathua District:

  1.  The word “Kathua” is derived from the word “Thuan” in Dogri which means Scorpions.
  2. One of the schools of thoughts believes that its name is derived from the name of Rishi Kashyap who disguised himself as a Tortoise (Kashua) for strong meditataion. Kathua is also called the city of Sufis owing to the presence of large number of Sufi Shrines of Peers.
  3. There is a belief that Jodh Singh, a Rajput of the Andotra clan migrated from Hastinapur to Kathua nearly 2,000 years ago and settled here. The three hamlets of Taraf Tajwal, Taraf Manjali and Taraf Bhajwal were by the same account established by his three sons Teju, Kindal and Bhaju. Tracing their ancestry to these three are the groups now known respectively as Tajwalia, Bhajwalia and Khanwalia Rajputs, of the Andotra sub-caste. The conglomeration of these three hamlets was loosely called “Kathai” in earlier times which with the passage of time came to be called as Kathua.

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    Purthu Beach is an artificial beach on the lakeside in kathua district
  4. Greek historians, who provide an insight into the ancient history of Jammu hills, prominently record the existence in this area of two powerful empires – Abhisara (present day Poonch) and Kathaioi – at the time of invasion of India by Alexander. Strabo describes Kathaioi as a mighty republic of that era, located in the foothills along the Ravi River. The topography of Kathaioi corresponds with the present day Kathua. Strabo describes the people of this republic as the epitome of bravery and courage, and they gave a tough fight to invading army of Alexander.
  5. There are many places which commemorate a visit to Kathua by Pandavas. Lord Krishna is also said to have come to this area, in order to get back from Jamabant the same diamond which is now known as Koh-i-Noor, part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.
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