This Horrific Rape Case Prove Nothing Has Changed For Jammu & Kashmir Women In 2018

We are so proud of ourselves, considering ours to be a safe and superior state, untouched by the evils which plague the nation. We called Delhi the Rape Capital of India and thanked heavens for being born in J&K. Today a news flashed and shattered all our beliefs. IT has happened in Hiranagar, Jammu!

A mere child, 8 years of age, was savagely raped for a week before being brutally murdered. Her body was found near forest area after a week of her kidnap. And I’d repeat that it has happened in Jammu, in Jammu & Kashmir: the crown of India!

It is not like that there are no demons amongst us: such crimes have been happening here too. Also, there is no point in comparing the agony of one victim with the other. Still this particular case has shattered me. Some people have shared the poor little girls innocent picture online; THEY SHOULDN’T! Her family needs justice more than our social media sympathy.

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The news has reached our assembly. The blame game has begun. Members of the house are set on walk-outs. I seriously wonder what good would these walkouts do to the devastated family?

Some have begun highlighting the particular community to which the girl belonged. AND I am sure that declaring her family background neither makes the unfortunate event more reprehensible nor does it justify it remotely.

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The system failed right when they couldn’t trace her for a week. I don’t want them to fail once again. Somebody might even try to bring religious angle to the story; I distance myself from such elements. I demand nothing less than justice to the bereaved soul and severe punishment for the culprit(s).

The writer is one of us.


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