My Words: As a matter of concern, we a team of Nexas visited Arnia Border yesterday

By Sanjay Jena 

As a matter of concern, we a team of Nexas ( Ex Students Sainik school Nagrota) visited Arnia Border yesterday. Just to know that people could be helped in someway in this moment of distress.

What we observed is the reverse, that people are so exalted and yet noble that instead of describing their problem they would offer Tea under the same shed which have been broken by the shelling.arnia ceasefire

‘khatam karo ji yeh sab, bhale hi hum sab khatam ho jayein’. Do it once and for all.

I mean Does the nation need anything else when they have such brave citizens who instead of being counselled, just counsels the one who comes for their rescue.

The government needs a thorough understanding of the exact demands of the people.

Matter of concern is:

1. Regularising the education of the Students in the school which gets disturbed due to shelling. All schools must be shifted at a distance so that in the days of shelling too there is a normal schooling. It needs a out of box thinking and a strong political will.

2. Instead of common bunkers; individual bunkers must be set up so that people need not worry plying to their relatives places as the existing community bunkers are just a joke and doesn’t serve any purpose.

3. Commissioning of community Health centre instead of present public health centre which is presently in defunct stage.

4. Provision of bullet proof ambulances for the people for their thy safety.

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Hats off to the courage of the people. There is so much to learn from them.

The Govt shall take a decisive step given the courage and bravery is on their side now and they shall not wait for it to break one day to rest the case with the enemy.

Thanks @sumit for helping us interact with local people.

Jai Hind!!!!

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