Hindi sadi dadi hai, te Dogri sadi Maa

Today is International Mother Language Day. In Jammu, most people have Dogri as their mother tongue. It is a fact that almost every Dogri speaker learns Dogri from experience as very few people learn this language as a second language from schools and other institutes. No doubt, Dogri is a thriving language but the way Dogras are focussing on teaching Hindi and English to their children, Dogri will soon turn into an endangered language.

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Here is a small effort by Jammu Virasat to bring you some most used Dogri phrases, which could come handy or could be used to impress your Dogri speaking friends. A special note: the letter ऽ is used to elongate the preceeding vowel. Here they are:

  1. When you meet someone, ask them  How are you- के हाऽल है

  2. If you are meeting them for the first time, say तुंदा नांऽ के ऐ- What is your name

  3. If you’ve got friendly with them, or need a favour to ask, start by offering them tea, by saying  चा पीग्गे – Would you take tea
  4. Suppose you’re trying to note down an important point and you can’t find your pen, say it  मेरा पैन्न कुत्थें ऐ – Where is my pen
  5. If in case you are new to the place and don’t know where to find public transport, don’t hesitate to ask मैटाडोर कुत्थूं थोऽग – Where could I catch the matador
  6. If you are new in town, the conductor might try to charge you more. If you catch him doing so, say it aloud बीर, बकाया देयो!

  7. AND a parting message to all Dogras, हिंदी साड़ी दादी है ते डोगरी साड़ी मां दादी थाऽर दादी है, ते मां थाऽर मां
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