About Kimb (किम्ब): The tasty chaat from Dogra Cuisine

Kimb (किम्ब) is a chaat from Dogra Cuisine – The cuisine of Jammu. Kimb is a fruit which is from citrus family grown in Jammu Region. Peel off the skin and then squeeze out its juice(which can be used in preparing Kachaloo or even Pickles). And then Cut into small pieces and then Mix it with the paste of green chilies and pudina, black salt, sugar and crushed walnuts.

Now a days, people have started selling it in markets too. Earlier it was only available in Dogra households and people use to share it among relatives/neighbours.kimb dogra cuisine

It is made from a citrus fruit called Kimb in Jammu ( Scientific name – Citrus Medica).
Unlike other citrus fruits it has less pulp and water content, but it has a thick rind. It is peeled, cut into chunks then seasoned with Coriander-walnut chutney(tangy).
Some people also add smokey flavour in it using charcoal (Process known as “Dhuni” in Jammu)

Eating the combination of smoky and tangy flavours is a complete delight.
It is one of favorite street food of from the city of temples- Jammu.

It tastes best on a sunny day in the winter season.

Watch a quick preparation video of Kimb Chaat:

So, today let us take you back to the memory lane by explaining the way to prepare kimb at your places and enjoy it in these nippy winters with family and friends.

Ingredients:   Kimb,  Coriander leaves ,Green Chilli, Salt & Sugar

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Method of Preparation:

1) First of all, cut the kimb into half and squeeze half of the juice in order to reduce its sourness.

2) Then, peel off the skin of the cirtus fruit and keep it aside for a while.

3) Take stone mortar and pestle for making the chutney. Put all the ingredients into the mortar to prepare chutney.

4) Now, take the already cut pieces of the kimb and mix it well with the chutney using a spoon.

5) You can also add a smoky flavor to it which is termed as “Tooni”(in dogri language) with the help of coal and then relish it

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