Things to know about world-renowned painter from Jammu

Among many forgotten and long lost treasures of Duggar, one name that resonates only in artistes circle is that of painter Nainsukh. Here is quick biography of Nainsukh to incite your curiosity:

Nainsukh painting jammu

Here is quick biography of Nainsukh to incite your curiosity:

Born in 1710, Nainsukh was a prominent artist of Pahari school of painting. He is regarded as one of the most original and brilliant Indian painters of all time.Nainsukh_basoli paintings

From his native place Guler, in Himachal, he moved to Jasrota in around 1740, where he painted most of his works for the local Rajput ruler Mian Zorawar Singh and his son Balwant Singh.

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Unlike his conservative brother Manaku, who closely conformed to the style of his father Nainsukh introduced many of the novel elements of Mughal style painting into the traditional Pahari style employed by his family.

He is considered to be one of the creators of Pahari style of painting which later evolved into Basohli painting school.

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Nainsukh died in 1778.

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