Enough Of Srinagar, It’s Time To Have An Affair With The Basohli

BJP-PDP Government recently laid the foundation stone of various tourist facilities at Ranjit Sagar Lake in Basohli of amounting Rs 100 crore. So, we at Jammu Virasat thought we’ll give you a little reminder of the scenic beauty that the Basohli offers. The beauty of this part of Jammu and Kashmir is much more than what we’ve witnessed so far.

So forget Srinagar, here are places in the Basohli that are worth visiting:

  1. The Ranjit Sagar Dam, also known as Thein Dam, is part of the hydroelectric project constructed by the government of Punjab. The dam is located on the Ravi River in Shahpur Kandi Township. It’s the largest hydroelectric project in Punjab and is a tourist attraction cause of the natural lake that has formed behind the dam. It’s from here that the tourists can embark upon spectacular walks in the local area, or take excursions by boats.The Ranjit Sagar Dam Basohli
  2.  You have heard of Dal Lake as second largest in the state, but we are sure you have no idea of the 88 sq. kms. Ranjit Sagar fresh water lake came into existence as a result of pounding of the RS dam (Thein Dam). The back water of the lake surrounds Basohli from three sides which adds to the beauty of the town.The entire lake is encircled by the range of Shivalik hills. The whole lake is deep and pollution free. The lake is situated at the threshold of Jammu and Kashmir and runs all along the entire tehsil up to Mashka.Ranjit sagra lake
  3. The remains of Basohli palaces which had square turrets, open parapets, projecting windows, Chinese roofed balconies have been mentioned as the finest buildings in the east by the French traveler Vigne. Basoli-Palace
  4. Mata Chanchlo Devi shrine or Chanclo Mata is situated in an old fort in the beautiful Basholi Town. The fort was constructed by the Pal dynasty kings for their Kuldevi Mata Sharda which is now worshiped as kuldevi not only by the natives of Basohli town but by the whole populace residing around, irrespective of religion, faith or belief. The location of the fort, its height in comparison to its surrounding and also being encompassed by the back water of the Ranjeet Sagar lake makes it one of the most charming, beautiful and worth visiting tourist spot in the Jammu region.Fort shrine of Mata Chanchlo Devi
  5. Dhar Mahan Pur though a small village is known for its beautiful ridges, grooves of cheel trees, lush green steep pastures, springs of sweet water throughout the state. It is situated at a height of 4000 ft. from the sea level at the top of one of the hills of Sivalik ranges. One can have the view of some of the froms of the Punjab at night time from this spot. Apart from the forest produces like resin, it is also known for milk and milk products like khoya and paneer. Pails of milk are supplied to the nearby towns from Dhar Mahanpur every day.
  6. Jourian Mata shrine is about 55 Kms. away from Basohli and is situated at a height of 6500 ft. from the sea level. The shrine gives an enchanting view with grooves of deodar and oak trees. The white sheep grazing on the steeps look like gems studded in the mountains. The sun and mist present a charming view when they play hide and seek during the day time. Lacs of devotees throng the shrine every year during the navratras every year.Jourian Mata7. Basohli is also  famous for a particular style of painting known as Basohli Paintings. The Basohli school is the oldest one amongst Pahari schools in the hill area. The early stage of development of the Pahari painting started in the mid 17th century. Basohli painting flourished with the encouragement of rajas. Now it is the turn of the State Government to preserve and propagate it.We certainly hope that the development of various tourist facilities in Basohli should get implemented in time bound manner and Tourism potential of Basohli which is not fully achieved due to lack of infrastructure facilities should get achieved and it should become in reality the local Disneyland.
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