An Open Letter to Shah Faesal by a Doctor, your reasons to resign is an act of hypocrisy on your part to incite communal emotions

Shah Faesal, a Kashmiri IAS officer who topped the 2010 exam, has quit the civil services and is likely to join politics. Announcing his decision in a Facebook post, he said he was quitting to protest against “unabated killings” in Kashmir and the “marginalization of Indian Muslims”.Shah faesal ias jammu kashmir

Faesal had invited the wrath of the government last year for his tweet on rape culture. “Patriarchy+Population+ Illiteracy+Alcohol+Porn+Technology+Anarchy = Rapistan!” he had tweeted.

This open letter written by Vikas Sharma on Facebook to Shah Faesal on his resignation say that his resignation is an act of hypocrisy  to incite communal emotions of kashmiri Public so as to achieve his political ambitions.

Dr Shah Faesal .
Hypocrisy is at peak and it is height of befooling gullible kashmir’ public when You , IAS Shah faesal ,shamelessly gave absurd & silly reasons to resign so as to achieve your desired “itch of politics” . Like true Politician you played age -old political rhetorics which include cards of communal, emotional and regionalhood .You played victim card, blamed India for making muslim to 2nd class citizens ,forgetting that same country gave you name and fame , same country made you to Top the Elite Civil Service despite being Muslim ( or only because of Muslim –probably heeling touch policy of UPSC for Northeast & kashmir)
To join Politics is not bad ,rather it is better for the society .It is wellcome step ,if a well learned person joins politics so as to make change in the society especially in Kashmir, but it was not expected from young dynamic Medical graduate who joined Top Indian Administrative service IAS, would stoop to communal lines and tries to invoke communal emotions on the name of growing hate in country.
Mr Shah ,You got every thing from country ,from Indian tax payer’s money you did MBBS from SKIMS Medical collage , same college where I was you senior .let me remind you that Money for your study came from Govt of india under federal system .Mr Ex -IAS you minted Indian Tax payer’s money at Cambridge Massachusetts for your “study leave” provided to IAS .There you did not find any intolerance to Muslims geting benefits from Majority of Hindu tax payer’s money??
Shah faesal should get his memory correct and let me enlighten you that National Conference’ whrere you are going to join was originally ” Muslim Conference” founded by Sheikh Abdullah ,name National Conference was changed later ,so It is laughable that Mr.Shah Faesal is going to join “dyanst party ” “Muslim Conference” to fight communal hate in country .
When you said growing intolerance in country is another reason to quit IAS , you Forget intolerance during kasmiri Pundit’s “forced exodus” from their own motherland by your community?? Was it so tolerant then ?
Entire region was on boil when govt was giving just ” temporary land” to Amarnath yatra during 2008?? Was it tolerant for you and you did not resigned , when stone pelters , killed a Tourist few month back ?
You even did not winked and where were your inner conscious ? when Kashmir police officer Ayub Pandith ,a Deputy superintendent working in security wing of JKP was “Lynched” by “Tolerant public ” at Jamia Masjid of Kashmir ,where thousands of people had gathhered for night long congregation prayers led by separatist Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.
So i find ur reasons to resign as , hypocrisy on you part to incite communal emotions of kashmiri Public so as to achieve your political ambitions .I expect from you being well learned and intelligent person , not to follow age- old political tool of communilism and regionalism ,you should rather Guide you society in better way .
You well wisher
Dr.vikas sharma
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