Dals and Dogras – A weekly menu of a typical Dogra household

A typical Dogra menu has to have a dal in it. Dogras love dal or lentils. The land of Duggar spans over hills, plains and kandi (rocky) areas and hence there is no dearth of greenery or fresh vegetables; yet there is a deep devotion for dals in our culture. Here is a typical weekly menu of a typical Dogra household. Read it here and confirm it against your menu:


MONDAY Mix Dal jammu

Getting into the busy schedule from Monday morning may be difficult for some housemakers. Hence the choice of easy to make Mix Dal on Monday.

TUESDAY: Masoor DalTUESDAY Masoor Dal dogra jammu

While many households strictly stay away from Masoor dal, there are an ample number who stick to this deep orange dal on Tuesdays.


Moong Dal is the ultimate villian who surprisingly finds its place in the plate despite being despised by almost everybody in the family. Wednesday or not, it’s easily swallowed with some anardana or pudina chutney.

THURSDAY: Chane ki dal with Ambal

THURSDAY: Chane ki dal with Ambal

Also called as the peeli(or yellow) dal, it brings relief to many tastebuds accompanied with sour and sweet ambal, another Dogra delight.


FRIDAY Rongi jammu dogra

Rongi, or Lobia, is called as the fairer sibling of Rajma with a whitish look. Ill famed to cause gas, yet it is readily acceptable to the hungry lot.

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SATURDAY: Chana dalSATURDAY Chana dal

There is no escape from Kaale(Black) Chane on Saturdays. Bring some aam ka achaar and you won’t be disappointed.

SUNDAY: Rajmarajama sunday dogra jammuThe real deal is at the end of the week. Rajma as in Rajma Chawal, or Rajma Chol as we lovingly call it, is synonymous with Dogras. Nobody has yet discovered a Dogra who does not cherish Rajma Chol on a Sunday afternoon.

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Tell us how do you feel about this menu. Do you want to add something to this? Do you think we forgot Kulth or Maa Shole ki dal? Please drop your comments.


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