Bahubali Raja of Jammu: Who carried three rocks from the river Tawi!

This is the story of Bahubali Raja from Jammu which is documented in one of the books of J&K Academy of Art Culture & Languages, around the year 1361, Raja Maldev had made Jammu the capital of his kingdom. Maldev was a warrior and wrestler too.

Several legends are in vogue about the valour of Raja Maldev. It is said that He once carried three huge rocks from river Tawi, one by one, on his shoulders and brought them to the middle of the city.

One of these rocks is still enshrined in Kali Jani area of old Jammu city and is a center of devotion now. This stone is also known as the Foundation Stone of Jammu.

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The locality is known by the name of the stone itself Kali JaniKali meaning ‘of black colour’ and Jani meaning rock.  It is a big boulder not easy to be carried by even several men but Maldev carried this stone on his shoulders from the bed of the river, almost two kilometers from the spot.  This place is revered afterwards by local community and now a small temple is built there.

Image of the same rock which is enshrined at the curve of a narrow lane in Kali Jani

Second stone was placed nearby pond present at the back of Rajtilak (The place is now office of the Rajput Kshatriya Sabha) building and the third stone was carried on to a small ridge by the side of which he sat and performed the coronation ceremony.

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