Jammuvirasat.com is an online media portal that curate content from various sources focused mainly on the Cultural, Social, Political and Economic life of Jammu & Kashmir particular to Jammu.

We at JammuVirasat believe that the heritage and the special cultural ethos of Jammu that we have inherited and are so proud of, needs to be carried forward and celebrated. Just like India, our Jammu is a melting pot of cultures. Its people be it Dogra, Punjabi,  Kishtwari, Bhaderwahi, Pahari, Gujjars, Ladakhi or Kashmiri give it a distinct flavor. We realise that the people of Jammu have hundreds of stories to tell and thousands of experiences to share, we showcasing and provide all things uniquely Jammu a platform, be it a trending story or merchandise and much much more!

Come be a part of this initiative in celebrating Jammu’s unique virasat!

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