Why is Doda called Doda?

According to the records of rights (Misli Haqaqit) maintained by the State Revenue Department, the name of district Doda, like other districts has derived its name from its district headquarters situated at Doda.

The records reveal that one of the ancient Rajas of Kishtwar whose dominion extended beyond Doda persuaded one utensil maker namely deed a migrant from Multan (Pakistan) to settle permanently in his territory and set up a utensil factory there. doda jammu kashmir name

Deeda is then said to have settled in a village which later on came to be known after him. With the advent of time, the name Deeda seems to have got distorted into Doda, by which name it continues to be known today. Very little information, if any is available about the early history of the District and its rulers. The few chronicles available relate to the regimes of the rulers of Kishtwar and even these do not contain any valuable information except in respect of the rise and fall of different ruling dynasties.

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The settlement reports and other references indicate that the area falling within the jurisdiction of the District was ruled by Ranas, Rajas, and petty independent chiefs, from time to time. It is reported that Jaral Ramas, Katoch Rajas Bhaus Manhases, Chibs, Thakkars, Wanis and Gakkars have had their rule.

Doda was winter capital of erstwhile state of Kishtwar. Maharaja Gulab Singh had firstly of all conquered Doda in 1822 AD. He saved it from devastation by winning hearts.

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