How and from where did the name Sunderbani originate?

How did Sunderbani get its name in Jammu
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Like seasons, change languages and so do the names of places. Sunderbani is a serene scenic town in Jammu division of J&K state. Here is a short story of why Sunderbani came to be called so

  • Sunderbani is named after an ancient spring (bowli) called Sunder Baan. Baan or Bowli is Dogri for spring of a specific formation.
  • This Baan was discovered by an old pious lady, Mai It is after her name that this place got its name.
  • In due course of time, Mai Sundran ki Baan became Sundran Baan and eventually came to be called Sunderbani.
  • This spring is located in the eastern side of Sunderbani town. It can be found on the right side of the National Highway, while going from Jammu to Rajouri.
  • Its water has been used by the local population for long; even upto the year 1974, its water was primary source of water supply for the town.
  • Till 1947, Sunderbani was a small part of village Bhajwal of Tehsil Nowshera. It is only in the post independence years, the village grew into a town.
  • The water of the spring is said to be medicinal and greatly helps in digestion. It is called as Halka Pani, or soft water and is warm in winters and cool in summers.
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