Things that prove that Jammu is not Kashmir

If you’ve been outside the state, or even if you have Facebook friends from outside J&K, you’d have faced many embarrassing statements which seemingly overlook your Dogra identity and call you a Kashmiri! This is due to exaggerated tales of Kashmir and no attempts on part of famous Dogras to highlight our individual identity. Jammu Virasat attempts to dispel misconceptions about “snow and terrorism” in Jammu.
It doesn’t snow in Jammu: Jammu division has everything; from plains to hills, rocky kandi areas to high mountains, to beautiful valleys of Bhaderwah also. Though it does snow seasonally in various parts of the division, yet it never does in dosen't snow in jammu

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We are not stone pelters: It is almost completely peaceful in Jammu division. We do respect Indian army and are proud Indians. And yes, we do brave year long shelling and firing from Pakistani side! Though it happens only around border regions, yet we keep our spirits high!no stone pelting in jammu
We are not Kashmiris: There are various ethnic groups in our state like Dogras, Gujjars, Bhaderwahis, Ladakhis, Paharis, Poonchis etc. While Dogras are natives to Jammu city and surrounding districts, we do have amalgam of all sorts of people in Jammu. In short, DOGRAS SPEAK DOGRI and have more in common with the Punjabis and Himachalis than with Kashmiris!jammu is dogra land
Dogras are a martial race: Dogras are one of the few martial races, of India,  recognized by the erstwhile British rulers for their valour, loyalty and fighting spirit. There are numerous Dogra war heroes to have fought for the British as well as the Indian forces. We are cool headed and don’t indulge in politics usually but when we do take a stand, we are unshakeable!
Dogras are a martial race

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We do have a rich culture: We have a rich cultural heritage with many delicacies, wedding and casual dresses, festivals, Basohli miniature art and handicraft. We even have our own script but sadly it was removed while Urdu remained an official language of the state.Jammu rich culture

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