The Dogra trumpet – KAEL

​Dogra’s have a rich musical history which is imbued with diversity in terms of forms, styles, kinds of instruments used, the way they are played, and more.
While some of these forms and instruments made their way to the present and got their share of mainstream fame quite successfully, there are others which could not cross that line between then and now.
Here are some lesser known yet intriguing musical instruments that are as much a part of the Dogra musical scene.  The instrument in picture is kael or कैल. It could be called as Dogra trumpet.
kael jammu dogra music instrument
It was traditionally used for inviting people to a congregation, feast etc.
It was, and still is, used prominently during marriage ceremonies. Mostly it is used thrice during the marriage of the household’s daughter.
1. When the saant ceremony is about to begin.
2. Before the post-saant lunch.

3. During vidaai, or departure of the daughter after the marriage ceremony.

Sound of Kael – Watch video : 

As a matter of fact “Kael” is sounded to inform people about a certain activity so that they can gather at one place and perform that task.
Sadly the tradition is dying so fast, that it seems almost impossible to revive it. The new generation is oblivious of our language, let alone the traditions.
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