Happy Teachers’ Day By Defective Education System

Written By Abhishek

Teachers’ Day was such a special occasion when we were young. Students took up responsibilities of their teachers for a day. Since we were young, we dream of getting senior soon so as to be a teacher on the teachers’ day. The day never came; as we grew older, the tradition died too. The trend first shifted to a mere teachers’ day greeting card and later to contribution-parties.

Schools are getting fancier day by day but teachers are losing their sheen. As schools have become hubs of business, teachers come and go like employees in a corporate firm.Happy Teachers' Day By Defective Education System

Teachers themselves have turned to making money. Teaching in schools isn’t enough now, everybody seems to be taking tuition s; every teacher seems to be giving tuition s. Earlier government schools were infamous for poor education system and hence their students took tuition s, but now irrespective of their schools, every student has has to take tuitions for better performance in exams. Though government has strictly ordered government school teachers not to give tuitions, the tuitions are still on. The need for tuitions is sufficient to reveal the inefficiency of our pedagogy.

If it wasn’t for money, hardly any student would aim to become a teacher. Teaching today is the least preferred profession. Those taking up teaching do it out of compulsion or as a last resort. Some even pick teaching as a way to earn income while they prepare for competitive exams.

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Governments too seem to be worried about this trend but their efforts aren’t enough. Our government schools are lacking teachers. Many teachers posted in remote areas cringe due to one or the other reason; stay on leave for long and hardly make any effort to inculcate education. A reality check can be done by going to a government run school of far flung areas of our state. Teachers too aren’t to be blamed entirely. Many are hired on contractual basis only. Their meager salaries are insufficient to make the ends meet for them and their families.

Condition of our schools and teachers will remain the same till we make politicians and bureaucrats admit their kids in government schools. Only then will they make honest attempt to rejig the system and improve conditions for the students, as well as their teachers.

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