Things to know about Safa or Turban : The Pride Of Dogra

Dogra traditional Turban , also known as ‘Safa’ or ‘Pagri’ in local parlance is the most prominent item of Dogra dress.It is the representative of the pride of Dogras and is worn on head by men. Pagri is a symbol of honour and respect and wearing a pagri of different styles and colour depends on various occasions.turban safa dogra

Dogra turban of various hues and shades are worn on various social, religious and cultural ocassions. White turban is generally worn by elderly people and those who are learned in scriptures and religious rituals

Once upon a time,Dogra  Safa or turban used to be a daily wear item. This safa is different from Rajputi pagri as it lacks a free flowing loose end and the ornamental “wattle” over the head.

Usually Dogras wear, rather used to, cream or yellowish safa for daily use. On special events, the coulours could range from pink to bright orange and various other hues.

It has a strong and well starched flap called ‘turrah’ in the centre and it is tied in a different manner from that worn by pandits and elderly people.I t symbolises Dogra pride and warriorship and manliness/manhood.Then there is pink coloured turban which is often worn by the fathers of bride and groom on the eve of marriage of their wards.A turban is an inexpensive item as compared to other items of dress.

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Safa was considered as a symbol of pride. Touching or disrespecting a person’s safa is tantamount to disrespecting the wearer. It symbolises wisdom, knowledge and purity.

Then, there is saffron coloured turban which is generally donned by people, especially of Rajput community on eve of religious and social functions.

Today wearing safa has been limited to marriages and cultural events.

Safa is a valuable item of Dogra attire and efforts must be made to promote this item of Dogra heritage which signifying Dogra pride and prestige.

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