Pigs to disrupt JK politics soon

An article was published on Nov 16 on an online portal Asia Times whose title ran as

Pigs to debut at new zoo in the Muslim-majority north

In the subhead, the author elucidates his worries as

Introducing pigs, considered unclean in Islam, in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s lone Muslim-majority state, is risky and bound to be controversial.Jambu zoo

Majid Hyderi, the author, is worried about the authorities’ decision to showcase hogs or “wild pigs” in the upcoming Jumbo Zoo. In his view, the move ‘is bound to spark a fresh controversy’. Not just this; in his views,

“hosting them (pigs) in a zoo will have political consequences”

In the writer’s view, the present government is extremely unpopular and their move to introduce pigs may be risky for the region.

Meanwhile Choudhary Lal Singh, the Minister for Forests, Ecology and Environment, belives that

‘pigs, in addition to other animals (like spotted deer, blue bull, black buck etc.) will be a big boon for attracting tourists and animal lovers to Jammu’

For a couple of paragraphs, the author diverts from pigs to state some irrelevant statements against the Dogra rule. From there the article struggles to relate Dogra rule, some other events, militancy, liquor shops, Burhan Wani etc just to prove that

pigs are going to have political consequences

But the author is not to be taken lightly as his apprehensions might very well come true. Indeed, if the hatemongers could manage to politicise braid chopping, why would they lose this chance!

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