Jammu becoming smart-theft city

Cyber thefts are no more an “outside” things for Jammu. Coincidentally, the trend seems to be coming from Lakhanpur border.Jammu becoming smart-theft city

The victim hails from Chadwal, Kathua and was duped by a clever impersonator. The cyber thief claimed to be from customer service and asked for her ATM PIN.

Somebody called Ms Reena Kumari and told her that her bank account is about to be closed. He later asked her ATM card number. The husband took the phone and gave the hacker details about the account- ATM card number and PIN. The victims soon realised their mistake but by the time they contacted the bank manager, the hackers had managed to sift Rs 20500 from their account.

Jammu Virasat would like to inform the readers to never respond to calls asking for any details about your bank account or your ATM PIN. No bank or website will ever make such calls. Stay alert to keep your money safe.




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