Inspiration! Meet Mrs Shallu Gupta Specially Abled

I was a non-medical student in class 12 when I met with this life changing accident. We had shifted into our new home in Janipur on 5 June 1995. We had taken all our belongings to our new house but had forgotten the stand where the TV antenna was fixed. It was Monday and I was sleeping in the evening but suddenly woke up because it was time for my favourite TV-show. My siblings were watching something else and I requested them to let me watch my show.Shallu-Gupta-Handicapped-Lecturer-2

The antenna had to be adjusted to put on DD Metro channel. It was then that one of my siblings jokingly said “Didi, you have arms don’t you? Set the antenna yourself”.

I did not know how to set the antenna myself and out of the blue I got a high voltage electric shock from a nearby high-tension wire and it changed my life for ever.

Some of my practicals were unchecked and I was in the hospital getting treatment. I kept studying for 2 months in the hope that my school would allow me to take my exams. My brother took my practical records for checking at the school and the Principal told him that I will not be allowed to take exams because I had been irregular to school.

That single statement by the Principal changed everything. My year was wasted! I prepared at home and took my exams privately in 1997 and my life finally got a meaning.

This little episode is from the life of Assisstant Professor Shallu Gupta. Starting her career from 2012 at GGM Science College, Jammu she got recruited as Assistant Professor in 2017, at MAM college under open merit category.

It is inspirational to just imagine as to how she would have taught herself to hold a pen and write using her wrists.

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Ms Shallu Gupta is leading, not only a regular life but, a life of inspiration for others. She teaches underprivileged students and firmly believes that if one door closes, many others get opened for those who try.

[With inputs from online reports]

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