My Words: Gym Culture Fast Catching Up in Jammu

Written By Namita Sharma

With Jammu catching up with the fast paced city-life and nuances of making of a smart city, Jammuites have also opted for a ‘Smart’ and Healthy lifestyle. In the last one year a lot of gyms are mushrooming across the length and breadth of Jammu city. Jammuites have become health conscious and have started hitting the gym with dogged pursuance.

The F Word is all pervasive in the kitty parties, marriage functions and even family Gatherings. People are extensively ditching the junk food in the name of fitness. Health clubs have become a new fad and people of Jammu who are not at all hesitant to spend heavy bucks to achieve their fitness goals.Gym Culture jammuThe reason for this bludgeoning new trend can primarily be attributed to the sedentry lifetyle and penetration of high speed Internet among the masses. People are glued to their smartphones thrugh out the day without realising that all their doing is compromising on their fitness. Apart from this, people have reduced physical activity as they prefer taking a auto-ride or personal vehicle even to a nearby juncture in order to save time.

People are skipping the old traditional method of eating and opting for Junk food which is causing a deteramental effect on their health”, told a leading Jammu based nutritionist Mitali Gupta. “Mostly obese people visit my clinic to seek advice on weight loss, especially belly area. Many women suffer from lifestyle diseses such as PMS, Bloating and high Blood pressure.“, she added

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“While gymming has become a carze among teenagers and those in early 20s, for obvious reasons, Gyms are an equal necessity for people who want to strengthen their hearts and want to have less cardio-vascular problems.” said Hitesh Arora, Manager of K-16 Gym. “We have clients from all age groups, especially ladies have stepped into the world of fitness and how! We run customised programmes which cater to individual problems and plan workouts according to their needs. Gyms also act as a therapy for people who are depressed or suffer from obesity. We have fitness programmes for cancer patients and specific classes for persons who undergo chemotherapy”, he added.

Many gyms in Jammu are now running 18-hours a day with special time-slot for corporate employees. Gyms are thus offering fitness solutions with diet charts and well-conceptualized meal plans to cater to their needs. As work pressure and sedentry lifestyle takes a a toll on corporate employees, activities at gyms sucha as aerobics, cardio and strength training acts as a stress buster.

Sharing more insights into this new gym fad gripping the people of Jammu,Sunil Kumar Sharma said that people need to inculcate some physical movement in their daily routine. American Council on Excercise (ACE) certified trainer, who also owns a gym in Jammu by the Name of Transform said that he has more number of female clients than men. Dissing the archaic equipment based gym training, Sunil has envisaged a new idea which has proven to be a hit overtime. He has set up both indoor and outdoor gymming arenas, wherein the clients are catered to. Fun workouts such as Functional Training, Boot Camp, Group Fitness are incorporated to ensure that the clients enthusiastically participate in the physical activities rather than draining themselves off in indoor equipment training and eventually getting bored.

A Report published in November last year stated that obesity is gripping Jammu and Kashmir which is giving rise to numerous lifestyle diseases. Report also stated that while every 3rd woman in the state is obese, the worrying trend is higher among school kids from the age 0-10.

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“People in Jammu and Kashmir eat more for social reasons. Kashmiri Wazwan is organised even when someone dies. Excessive eating is harmful and can lead to obesity,” said Dr Shariq Masoodi, a leading endocrinologist.

The National Family Health Survey 4, 2015-16, report released on March 1 reveals that percentage of obese or overweight men and women aged between 15 to 49 years in the state has increased drastically in the last 10 years.

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