First Electric Train Trial Marks a Landmark Moment run between Sangaldan, Khari stations

On the evening of February 13, an exciting chapter unfolded as the inaugural trail run of the first electric engine train, boasting eight coaches, embarked on the Sangaldan-Khari section of the extensive Banihal-Katra stretch within the Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) project in Ramban district.

Witnessed by a substantial audience, the electric train gracefully traversed the Banihal-Khari-Sumbar-Sangaldan Railway Stations in Ramban, capturing the attention of railway enthusiasts and the local community alike.

Engineers from Konkan and AFCON International Limited, entrusted by the Northern Railway for the USBRL Project, reported the successful completion of the 25 KV Railway Electrification (ROCS) work between Sangaldan and Khari stations by Siemens Limited. The first Memu Trial Run, featuring an electric engine train with eight coaches, marked a significant achievement for the Northern Railway, Firozpur Division, during this groundbreaking event.

These electric engine train trials are being diligently conducted from the Banihal Railway Station to Sangaldan Railway Station, with the active participation of officers and engineers from Northern Railway and its associated construction companies.

The readiness for operation of the Banihal-Sangaldan section in the Ramban district of the USBRL project signals a major stride forward. Completion of work on Khari, Sumber, and Sangaldan stations has already been achieved, while progress on the remaining Sangaldan to Reasi railway stations is in the last phase.

Railway officials highlighted that key infrastructure developments, including tunnels, bridge tracks, platforms, and other allied works, are near completion in Banihal, Khari, Sumber, and Sangaldan stations in Ramban. Residential quarters for Railway staff and infrastructure for railway stations at Khari, Sumber, and Sangaldan have also been successfully completed.

Work on platforms and the laying of railway tracks connecting Sumber and Sangaldan stations in the Ramban district is currently in progress. The dedication to finishing pending works on the Sangaldan–Reasi track is evident as railway officials anticipate the imminent chugging of rail services on the Katra-Banihal section of the USBRL project.

An official from the Firozpur Division of Northern Railway confirmed the completion of work on the Sangaldan-Banihal section of the USBRL project, signaling readiness for necessary CRS inspections. As these developments unfold, the railway landscape is set to transform, marking a promising era in transportation infrastructure.

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