5 top reasons why Kashmir celebrated Pakistan’s victory


India's cricket loss celebrated in kashmirA highly unlikely defeat of India at the hands of Pakistan, in Champions Trophy finals 2017, was celebrated in Kashmir. Jammu Virasat did some research and came out with 5 reasons of this celebration:

  1. Identity crisis: Even after 70 years of Independence, some people are not sure of their allegiance between motherland India and backstabber Pakistan.Identity crises in kashmiries
  2. Wrong prescription: They see everything from the glasses of religion. Such people are devoid of patriotism and, for them, victory of Muslims is paramount.Wrong prescription of kashmiries
  3. Short sightedness: They’ve forgotten mass pillage and rape of 1947 by the Pakistani raiders as well as the words of Sheikh Abdullah, who called Pakistan ‘an unscrupulous and savage enemy.’
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  4. Business obligations: ISI, Hafiz Sayeed and Pakistani government supplies money to terrorists for buying weapons. The loose change was used to buy some crackers for the victory.                                                                                                                            Read also : 5 Interesting facts about karvan-e-aman-busBusiness obligations of kashmiries
  5. Ultra-local mindset: They haven’t yet reconciled with the fact that more than 550 states had merged with India by Independence and Kashmir is no longer Independent.


    Our advice to these merrymakers is that they should try their luck with Pakistan cricket team as they have practiced enough with stone pelting. It will also allow us to beat them better next time.

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