Village in Reasi has set an example of agri-entrepreneurship in Silk farming

Jammu & Kashmir is one of the leading silk producing states in the country. In J& K there are various villages where the sericulture is considered as an important activity for the farmers.

Sericulture involves the rearing of silkworm, collection of cocoons and their delivery for reeling purpose, reeling of raw silk from the cocoons and availability of mulberry trees from which fresh leaves can be obtained. silk village jammu

Reasi district is well- known for sericulture. Earlier the cocoon production was low in the district as most of the farmers were lacking the scientific approach in its production.

Earlier the cocoon production was low in the district as most of the farmers were lacking the scientific approach in its production. Department of Sericulture and SKUAST-J interventions increased the cocoon production in the district and thus assisted the farmers to increase their income. Presently a large number of farmers in the district are practicing the commercial sericulture.

Tanda is a remote village in Reasi district of J&K which is about 30 Km away from Reasi town. The village is lacking the road and network connectivity. The major occupation of people of this village is agriculture and agriculture is mostly done under rain fed conditions.

According to post write up published in State Times, KVK scientists did benchmark survey in the village and it was observed that the village has immense potential in sericulture. Department of Sericulture and KVK scientists created awareness and imparted trainings on commercial sericulture. Farmers were also provided the improved varieties of mulberry in the village. Farmers were also guided on proper care and feeding of cocoons.

Presently around 50 farmers of this village are having average 50 Kg.(each) high quality cocoons at their homes.

These cocoons will be purchased by the merchants at the rate of about Rs.1000/-Kg. Every cocoon producer of the village earn around Rs.50000/- annually by selling these cocoons. By observing the successful results of these farmers, the other farmers of the area are coming forward for commercial sericulture.

In J&K there are around 7 lakh mulberry trees out of which 53 per cent are available in Jammu region and 47 per cent in Kashmir region. Approximately 6,680 quintals of raw silk of Rs.50 crores worth is produced annually in the state.

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J&K is the only state in the country which is at the same altitude in which leading biovoltine sericulture countries of the world lie. The state is blessed with the conducive atmosphere to produce the biovoltine silk. Sericulture is the traditional cottage industry in the state producing high quality biovoltine silk comparable to the international standard.

Cocoons made in J&K are very famous due to the purity and people from across the world prefer to purchase silk produced from J&K. This sector is assisting to boost the state economy.

This enterprise is attracting the farmers of the area at a large scale. Tanda village has set an example of agri-entreneurship in the area and thus attracting and retaining the youths in agriculture.

Source: Sericulture village of Reasi

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