This scheme for J&K Govt Employees has caused suspicion

The governor’s administration in Jammu and Kashmir rolled out a group mediclaim health insurance scheme for employees, pensioners and accredited journalists, on 20 September, reported PTI.

However, the mediclaim policy is tied to Anil Ambani’s Reliance General Insurance Company, the report said, adding that the annual premium on the scheme was Rs 8,777 for employees and Rs 22,229 for pensioners.Govt Jammu Kashmir cabinet meeting

Quoting Principal Secretary Navin K Choudhary, the report said that while the scheme was mandatory for employees of PSUs, autonomous bodies and universities, it will be optional for pensioners and other categories of employees and accredited journalists.

However, this scheme has caused suspicion, as a private company was chosen to be mandatory for certain government employees.

“Why Reliance?”

Congress leader Salman Nizmi alleged that the insurance scheme was a part of the Modi-Reliance nexus, indirectly referring to the Rafale deal in which the BJP government at the Centre has been accused of favouring Anil Ambani’s Reliance.

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