Things you didn’t know about this Supercar of Jammu

A supercar in itself is a crazy piece of automotive engineering, few people take their cars very, very seriously. And if you do too, then here are some facts about the only supercar of Jammu  you probably didn’t know;

  1. The sparkling blue car which is spotted at various places in Jammu belongs to Amrit Wattal. Wattal is an industrialist and a car enthusiast.
  2. The name of this supercar is DC Avanti its a coupe styled sports car produced by DC Design, an Indian design firm headed by Dilip Chhabria. Its comes with a hefty price of around 50 lakh rupees, so it might be out of many people’s budget.avanti dc jammu
  3. Although supercars aren’t suited to Jammu roads but Avanti is special. With a 170 mm ground clearance it goes well over regular bumps and speed breakers of Jammu roads.Interiors Avanti Jammu
  4. This  supercar  needs pampering as there is no maintenance facility for it available in Jammu. The maintenance staff has to be called in from Delhi for each and every issue of the car.
  5. The special car sometimes leads to uncomfortable situation for the owner as the car is often chased by people, thus spoiling the owner’s quality time.

    Jammu Virasat believes that this post will satiate the curiosity of the people once for all and let the owner have his personal space in public.

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