Things to know about numbering the houses in Jammu

The ever-delayed project of numbering the houses under the Jammu Municipal Corporation is going to gain attention once more. Here are some things to know about the project:Jammu city

The project was passed in the General House of the last JMC. Although, work had begun for a brief period of time but was soon shelved due to transfer of officials.

The project was pass in 2007-08 for a project cost of Rs 65 lakhs.

Each house was supposed to get a number plate at an estimated cost of Rs 350. Another signage was to be installed outside every lane to display the details of houses in it.

In addition to these, proper signage were to be installed at cross roads also.

The project is about to be brought to life again. Economics Reconstruction Agency, ERA had even done Geographical Information System Mapping.

All work was stalled due to transfer of erstwhile Municipal Commisioner Mubarak Singh.

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If the project is completed, it will have following benefits:

  • Finding addresses will become easier.
  • Couriers and posts will reach their destination with accuracy.
  • It will also help various departments in planning and effective implementation of their projects.
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