Thing to know about Poonch Town Hall

Poonch is having a unique place in the history of Jammu & Kashmir as it houses many ancient monuments. One of them is Poonch Town Hall, the monuments represent a unique architecture built during the Dogra rule. Here are intreting thing to know about Poonch Town Hall:

1. It is said that, the era from 1850 to 1947 is considered as the Golden Period of the history of Poonch. The Principality of Poonch got status of a state from British Raj in 1901 AD during the reign of Raja Baldev Singh.The rule of Raja Moti Singh, Baldev Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Jagatdev Singh and Raja Shiv Rattan Dev Singh witnessed all round development of Poonch State. Town hall poonch building was constructed during these years.

2. The Town Hall building witnessed all types of functions. The office of Municipality remained here for long time. Many musical programmes were organized in this hall.

3. According to online media reports after 1947, this historical building was misused and converted into a food store but in 1970s, during his visit to the border town, then Chief Minister, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah,  ordered immediate shifting of food store to restore and maintain the past glory of the building.

4. According to online reports after renovation the building remained in good condition for four decades and it was badly shaken in 2005 earthquake.

5. Earlier the office of Municipality was in the Town Hall, but after earthquake of 2005, the administration shifted the office to air field road community hall .

Today Poonch Hall is losing its sheen due to the apathetic attitude of the government towards preservation of this edifices of unique architecture. 

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