Rohingyas caught doing the unexpected in Narwal

Rohingyas have been found indulging in criminal activities off and on. But this time, they’ve been caught doing something unexpected in Narwal area of Jammu. There was a group of five-six youngsters. They all were giving it their best shot in broad day light. They were playing snooker.Rohingya playing in jammu

A team of Amar Ujala while visiting the Rohingya basti in Narwal found these youth. When asked as to how did they procure such an expensive item, which usually costs around Rs 30000, they turned aggressive towards the team and said, “Why do you ask?”

Not just snooker, there were some two-wheelers and four-wheelers also parked in their basti.

It seems that either they are spending the aid lavishly or they are being funded by some rich party or they are working very hard!

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