Read to find out How old is the Vaishno Devi Shrine

The Trikuta hills, which house the world famous Vaishno Devi Shrine started building around 500000000 years back. The area, at that time, was submerged under the sea.

 The hills emerged from the sea about 50000000 years ago.Trikuta hills Vaishno devi

While there are various sources which shed light on the earliest mentions of Vaishno Devi in Hindu history, one of the most significant mention is found in the epic Mahabharata. It is said that Shri Krishna told Arjuna to meditate upon Vaishno Devi before participating in the battle.

Arjuna meditated upon the Devi and thereafter bowed his head chanting

          “ Jambookatak Chityaishu Nityam Sannihitalaye”

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which clearly shows that he was praying to ‘the powerful Godess residing in the temple on the slopes of a Jamboo mountain’. The word Jamboo later turned to Jammu. The temples at Kol Kandoli and Vaishno Devi bhawan which were built by the triumphant Pandavas, show the veneration for the Devi.

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