My Words: Jammu Airport’s Pathetic Condition

By Anil Sharma

If you are a common man and you are going to Jammu Airport to receive your family, friend, relative or any other guest be prepared to face the worst conditions.
Don’t expect a parking space for vehicle.

There is no waiting area… No place to even stand forget sitting.Jammu Airport's Pathetic Condition

Parents and senior citizens who come to receive their dear ones have to wait in open sunlight for hours…no shade at all…Summer is coming nothing will change.

There is no facility to know the status of the flight for which you are waiting. And if flight is delayed you don’t have any source of information. No display of flight status.
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Get ear plugs with you or bear the continuous noise of Whistles and horns for hours.

Our city is lacking even basic facilities and we are thinking of making Jammu a SMART CITY.

But But Buy if you are VIP don’t worry you are safe. Your car will come to receive you at terminal itself.

The bureaucrats who are supposed to make these changes never faced it so it is not there fault.

Its our fault we never asked for it. We just bear it.
Speak Up.

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