“Mujhe mat na bolo Tum” vs “ Mahaa jarra remote fadayo”

In the year 1990 when Kashmiri Pandits migrated to Jammu, there was a culture clash between the Dogras and the Pandits but somehow they started to adjust with each other and certain incidents were really common at that time and even now.

Pandits adjusted themselves as tenants in the houses of the Dogras, undoubtedly they were welcomed with open arms as they had faced the most tragic incident in their lives but friction occurred between both cultures.Dogra and kashmir pandit

Dogras usually worship the sun and offer water to the Tulsi plant because they consider it a pious plant and saw Dogras offering food and milk to anthills and burrows respectively. Kashmir did find it funny in the beginning but later they adopted few practices in order to gel with the Dogra society.

This unison helped both the societies to grow intellectually as Kashmiri Pandits were addicted to English newspapers though they had a flavour of their mother tongue to it yet they were never hesitant to express their views. Dogras on the other side were used to Hindi newspapers, but they inculcated the habit of reading English newspapers as well.

Kashmiris were generally highly educated and outspoken and that sense of pride can usually be sensed from their tone. But on the other side Dogras were humble, simple-minded and frank people as they rightly say “Khand mithe log Dogre.”

Kashmiris are generally very conscious about their health so they immediately fix an appointment with the doctor if they unwell whereas Dogras preferred the conventional methods of Faandas instead of visiting to medical practitioners.

The funniest part has always been the accent – be it Dogras or Kashmiris, both communities never failed to give each other a tough time. Kashmiris are mocked for everything from “Zara TV daalo na” which actually means”Turn on the TV” to “Mujhe mat na bolo Tum” and a lot other sentences. Dogras on other hand are ridiculed for “Asha tohe ni pta” , “ Mahaa jarra remote fadayo” and many more.

The Pheran and the Kangri was a new thing for the Dogras and they made fun of it in the beginning whereas later they adjusted to it. Now the words like “Trath” and “Mat” are no longer alien for them. And Kashmiris are also aware of the “Raima Chol” feast.

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