Moungri Mela in Udhampur: All you need to Know

Udhampur district of J&K is also known for various fairs and festivals. Moungri Mela is an important Mela in Udhampur district and thousands of devotees visit this spot during the Mela. Every year a three days Mela is organized at Sar Dabbar (Moungri) with great enthusiasm.Moungri Mela in Udhampur

This year this event will commence from 15th of May at Sar Dabbar which is about 50 Km away from Udhampur town. This place is situated in the midst of charming hills and in the confluence of two streams at Moungri block of Udhampur district. Sar means a lake’ such as Surinsar and Mansar. It is said that this place was once a lake, the water which was drained leaving behind the vast stretch of fallow land.

Devotees from Udhampur, Moungri, Panchari, Chenani, Ram Nagar and other places of the state assemble at this spot and throng at Sar Dabbar during the Mela to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and other deities in the natural caves. There is a naturally formed Shiv Lingam guarded by Sheshnag and stone manifestations of Damru, Nandi and countless other deities. Moungri is also said as an abode of Kansar Devta.

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People have a great religious faith in these caves and they pour milk on the holy Shiv Lingam in the upper cave, which gets absorbed and then trickles down the devotees as they pay obeisance to other Gods and Goddesses in the lower caves.

This Mela also attracts a large number of local artists and cultural artists from other parts of the state, who present folk songs and dances such as Kud, Geetru, Bhaakh etc. and leave the visitors mesmerized.

The local people of the area, wearing their cultural dresses move in groups at the Mela site with great happiness and enthusiasm. It seems that one has come into a different world of happiness and devotion.

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Various sports activities are also organised with the active participation of the players. An Indian style wrestling which is commonly called as Dangal is also organized specially in the concluding day of the event. Well known wrestlers from within the state and outside the state participate in the wrestling. This activity is attended by the people with greater enthusiasm and keenness.

District administration provides basic facilities to the pilgrims during the Mela. Drinking water, security and safety, electricity, sanitation, medical facilities etc. are provided by the district administration.

Free food (langar) is also arranged for the devotees during the Mela. It is estimated that large number of devotees visit this cave every year during the Mela.

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